The Original

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To benefit the American Cancer Society & Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services


picture of Mike Butier

This long standing stag event began in 1959 by John Moncovich Sr. along with his friends—J.J. Crosetti, Louie Lettunich, Peter Scurich, Pat Carroll and Chick Arbanas, to have a fun industry barbeque in the Spring out at the Crosetti ranch. Due to the instant success around town with attendees, the group decided to charge attendance and donate proceeds from the event to the local chapter of the American Cancer Society. Bill Moncovich, John’s son began volunteering in the early sixties and has served as the volunteer Chairman of the annual Spring Lamb Barbeque in Watsonville, CA since 1973.

Over the years hundreds of volunteers from the Pajaro Valley have been committed to participating in the Spring Lamb event each year contributing to its long running success. Each year over 600 people attend this legendary barbeque and look forward to that 3rd Saturday in May. The menu has stayed exactly the same every year since 1959 even though they no longer are able to pick up pots of beans from the Miramar Restaurant or the Del Monte Café.

Only one organizing meeting is held each year to kick off the barbeque, then each person on the committee springs into action automatically knowing their job. This event has provided generations of volunteers the opportunity to support the event with enthusiasm and excitement every year as they pull onto the ranch to eat, drink and enjoy a very competitive game of horseshoes.

These individuals were valued volunteers for many years until their passing, and are gratefully remembered for their support:
J.J. Crosetti, Jr., John Moncovich Sr., Louie Bakariza, Chick Arbanas, Nick Scurich, Ed Jurach, Jim Huckaby, Theresa Crosetti, Sam Beard, Joe Crosetti Sr., Pat Carroll, Andre Chiccourrat, Pat Marquez, Peter Scurich, Don Sauer, Willie Leon, Dale Reich, John Matiasevich, Bill Hagins, John Moncovich Jr., Sam Lindberg, Mitchell Leonardich, Ray Hoffman, Christopher Scurich, Harlan Robertson, Louie Lettunich, Mike Butier, Patrick Riordan, Richard Hansen, Jake Lambert, Jim Matiasevich